Steps of Software Development Process in Information Technology
Software Development is the process of creating a new software product. Software is set of program or instruction, which assigns task to the system. Software development requires frequent research, new modification, maintenance results in software products. Software is created for various purposes, the common. The requirement for best quality handling of software development procedure has given improvement in all fields of software development.

Steps Involved In Software Development Process
Planning is the action of thinking and organizing events needed to obtain preferred goal. The most vital task in software development is understanding, the basic requirement for software creation. Once all required things are obtained from customer, a clear analysis has to be made on opportunity of development should be identified and clearly mentioned. This is frequently called as scope file. This is called planning.

Implementation is one of basic process in software development, which is actually creating program codes for the project.

Software Testing
Software testing is the process of checking for any mistakes in program codes. Software testing is one of most important phase in software development.

Documentation is the process of internal design for software, the main intention of introducing documentation process is, software needs update and modification every periods of time. If software possesses documentation, it can update itself whenever change is available in internet. This is called documentation.

Deployment is process of testing programming code. This is the final process and after Deployment process software is approved to release and for sale. This is called Deployment.

Maintenance is the process of identifying software to manage with recent errors and faults. The maintenance helps to avoid a major problem which occurs in the software. This is called maintenance.