Mobile Application Developments and importance on daily life
Mobile, the heart of our life in nowadays. Everyone have a mobile. In past 10 years, it was only for a communication, but nowadays peoples are used for an entertainment, playing games, hearing songs, browsing, chatting, downloading etc... It is used to grow the knowledge of people. Mobile looks like a toy on the market now, because of mobile applications and their prices. It has reduced the stress in our daily life. Mobile application and its features decide the sale on the market. It was working in different category which consists of processors and RAM. Mainly it depends upon the mobile operating system.

The programming language is used to create the mobile applications. The windows OS is used for smart phone. It equalizes the system function on mobile. Symbian OS gives little Application to compare the Android application. IPhone OS provides everything payable application. This is the reason to become the android at first position. Application developer collects the requirements, request of the client and customers and they give and client exactly except in the application.

Role of mobile applications development to customers
It satisfies the customer and clients. Creates every application like categories of sports, entertainments, games, social network applications, communication applications etc…lot of people communicated applications of free call, free message etc… The mobile application development is only customers' need.