Journal and Conference: To Publish The Research Paper
The Conference is like a group discussion, where the people will discuss and share the information about the selected topic; finally they have to give the solution for the discussed topic. The Conference is a formal meeting, where the people will exchange their information's. It is a Pre-arranged meeting. The Conference is about for Education, employment, Poverty, Healthcare, consumption and development.

The Conference has the higher status, visibility, great impact, high quality and has standard novelty.

How to make a good conference?
To make the Good Conference it's fully depends on the events. The Conference may contain multiple events such as Workshops, Roundtable conference, Lectures, etc.

The Conference is most commonly preferred by the organizations and some associations for their regular meetings to update their regular activities. It is associated with the type of presentations and papers and then followed by the quires.

The symposium is also the type of meeting to discuss about the selected subject or the topic. The symposium may also contain the events, but it should be slightly informal compare to the conference.

The meeting is between the students and the professor. Here each students have to do their research and then they have to exchange their reports, information's and results to their professor.

The term Colloquium indicates the both

The term workshop indicates that it is an educational meeting. It may contain the small amount of people, who discuss technically and skillful in a selected subject. Specialist will be invited to explain about the selected subject or topic. After the lecturer the quires are asked by the audience.

The Journal is the record of daily events and actions or business. The Public journal is record the daily events in a parliaments. Here the records are also called as minutes. The Private record or journal was referred as diary. The Journal is used to publish the research and activities. The research must be in unique and innovative.

IJOART is a national level online journal, which is dedicated to all engineers and the scientists. This is an online journal. So the researcher has to send the review paper through the online. The journal has the longer page limits. The developed research will be selected by the journal and that will be published. The mission of the journal is to progress the new applications and research. All internal journals will publish and made available in all websites.