Role of IEEE Projects and Their Development Process
The IEEE is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is an organization of the IEEE-SA (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Associations). This organization develops the industries in power, health care, bio medical, transportation, information technology, nanotechnology, telecommunication and many.

The IEE-SA established many standards through programs that will offer openness, consensus, balance and fair procedures. This Organization provide the not for profit service which supports the engineering educations as well as the scientific research. The IEE-SA organization provide career oppurtinutes and the enhance professional credibility which is helps to increase the candidates marketability.

Conference and events
The IEE conduct more than 1,300 conferences as well as meetings. It is also involved in technical events like training workshops, job fairs and several programs.

IEEE Awards
The IEEE provides the highest awards, medals and recognitions. These awards are sponsored by the world's leading firms and companies, some foundations and individuals. The Organization gives the 2013 IEEE Medal of Honor to Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobos at Thursday 6 June, 2013.

Development process
In IEEE the development process is divided in to seven steps: