The Role of Educational Counselor in the Educational Field
An educational counselor is the consultant who provides educational development for the students/parents and educational institutions. They are classified as educational, occupational, and school counselors. Educational Counselors are usually independent or part of consulting organizations while the school counselors are working in school.

Organizational links
Widely the educational consultants were to be found in the United States. In United States there are mainly two qualified institutes for educational consultants. They are,
The Higher Education Consultants Association is a specialized organization focused only on the training of college counseling. While the representatives of free Educational Consultants Association also contributes pupils with consulting subjects which are graduates, boarding school, at-issue pupils, learning incapacity members of both organizational work with American and pupils from various countries who are interested to study in united states. Various educational consultants in the United States are also the representatives of further institutions, Such as National organization for College Admission Counseling and its regional members, National organization of Therapeutic institutes and schedules.

A very few number of educational consultants are placed in United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America. The first organization in the UK is Society of Education Consultants (SEC). Further United kingdom professional organizations or groups at which the educational consultants normally seeks membership or association which includes the Children section, educational institutes and Families, Learning and ability assembly, Different Educational requirements and incapacity panel and the Gilfus Education institutions.

Categories in consultant
Some consultants are generalists, and many of them are specialize in auxiliary specific varieties of pupils or specific educational requirements. For example the consultant targets only by helping pupils with college scheduling and acknowledgements. Some of the students searching a corporate secondary schools; however others concentrate in students who are disabled. Other consultant provides services for college pupils who were searching admission in graduate institutions. Further educational consultant works to help secondary schools and organizations with educational program scheduling.

A family who allows signing an educational consultant should be very careful to consider the qualifications and knowledge of each consultant. However, in addition to look at a consultant's knowledge and professional links and also the families should ask for indications from previous customers. The consultants should be very clear about their payment, counseling process and the educational ideas.