About Bluish Technologies
Our company is a growing Information Technology (IT) that gives complete services with assurance and we undertake services as software development, EPR solutions, billing software, mobile application development, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) etc…

In software development we reduce the work of human. For example, school requires large human resource for making school attendance for that, we have school attendance software and requires a data once it also reduces the burden of human that calculates total number of working days and number of absents in a day.

What for our company ?

Everything is possible when you make a click with your fingers. We have launched new software for commercial purpose and each are pay roll software, E-shopping software, school attendance software, real estate software, invoice software, finger print software etc…

What is the Stuff of our company?

It is best project center located in Pondicherry and it gives training for college students. IEEE projects for engineering college students are also undertaken by our company, we have experienced teachers and also helping the students to publish journals and conference in any field.

In Business management we require software called as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), an organization can develop and increase its sales, marketing, finance and manufacture. According to the size of an organization, client can require large enterprise ERP, midmarket ERP and small business ERP.

Are you looking for mobile application? That what our company does, we are well versed in mobile application development and has excellent team, who makes greater applications for future projects and our company makes platform for various mobile applications such as Amazon appstore, cellmania, mabango, mob spot and mobile2day.

Our company is one among the leading workers in BPO. We undertake client requirement to deliver endless services. For improving customer satisfaction and queries a multinational company (MNC) requires Business Process outsourcing.